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Watch and walk - Kenflo comes to the pump industry to take part in the 2018 New Years 15 km hiking activity in Baini town


In the morning of January 1, 2018, the 2018 New Year's 15 km hiking in bun Nai was officially opened at bun Xijiang Park in the new year of the new town in the new town. More than 20 thousand people participated in the festival, taking part in the feast in the form of "sports + environmental protection". All of us measured the city with the footsteps and witnessed the butterfly change with the eyes.

  At the ceremony, the relevant leaders of the Bai Nai town said that the new year, white clay will be a new opportunity to carry out the nineteen major spirit of the party, accelerate the construction of the ancient town and build the spatial pattern of "one heart, two axis and three districts", and build up the landscape of the northern entrance of the ancient town, the living of the ancient village and the "intelligent cultural family". Cultural tourism, industrial innovation and upgrading, commercial community supporting, municipal transportation key projects.

  At the same time, the establishment of a safe community, in accordance with the nineteen major aims of the people's security, set up a safe development concept, perfect the public safety system, build a safe and harmonious human living environment, and meet the growing needs of the people of the town.

Foot line map

  As the key importing enterprise of white mud government, Kenflo pump industry actively responds to and participates in all kinds of public welfare activities advocated by the government. We also hope to improve the public safety system for white mud town, create a safe and harmonious living environment, and make a contribution to the growing and better life of the people of the town. 

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