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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

What Is A Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Used for?

Kenflo liquid ring vacuum pump is developed from the 2BE1 and CBF water ring vacuum pumps, a rotating positive displacement machine providing process vacuum in industrial applications such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and special gas transfer industries. The kenflo liquid ring vacuum pump is the ideal option for pumping flammable, explosive, and toxic gases.

Kenflo is one of the leading liquid ring vacuum pump suppliers in China. Established in 1954, Kenflo has become a specialist in liquid ring vacuum pumps and water ring vacuum pumps and one of the greatest liquid ring vacuum pump suppliers china covering R&D, production, and sale.

Kenflo also is one of the leading oil ring vacuum pump manufacturers & watering vacuum pump suppliers, designing and manufacturing the series of kenflo liquid ring pump to fulfill the water ring vacuum pump requirement of miscellaneous industries.

Kenflo also be reckoned as one of the reliable liquid vacuum pump suppliers & liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers in China. All our kenflo liquid ring vacuum pumps can be customized and designed according to different working condition and process characteristics in the chemical industries.