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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

2BW Liquid Ring Vacumm Package-Chemical Process Systems

Site of Geothermal Power Plant in South America 3 sets of CBF810 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump; Site of Propylene Oxide (PO) project in China; Site of Flare Gas Recovery system in China (Tandem vacuum package) .

Divided into four series from 2BW5 to 2BW8, which can be customized and designed according to different working condition and process characteristics in the chemical industries. Can be connected with the facilities and control technology required by various processes. Safety and reliability, widely used in all kinds of chemical, pharmaceutical and special gas transfer industries.

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1、 Product introduction
Kenfulai (formerly Fushan pump factory) 2bw5 liquid ring vacuum pump chemical complete set is a complete set of units developed on the basis of 2BE1 and CBF water ring vacuum pumps.

2、 Product features
1. The unit configuration is perfect to meet different use requirements.
(1) Equipped with heat exchanger to realize closed circulation of working fluid. In addition to using water as working fluid, liquids such as ethylene glycol, diesel oil and DOP can also be used as working fluid.
(2) It is equipped with a gas-liquid separator, which can effectively separate the gas-liquid mixture discharged by the vacuum pump. After the liquid is cooled by the heat exchanger, it returns to the vacuum pump through the self suction force of the pump as the circulating working liquid of the pump. The gas is discharged to the designated place through the exhaust port of the separator.
2. There are many options for liquid level control to meet different needs.
(1) Manual liquid level control: when the unit is working, the discharged gas will take away a small amount of working liquid vapor, causing the liquid level to drop. Replenish the working fluid to the unit by manually adjusting the replenishment valve.
(2) Electric liquid level control: install liquid replenishment and discharge solenoid valves on the gas-liquid separator. When the liquid level of the unit is lower than the lower limit, the liquid replenishment solenoid valve will open automatically to replenish liquid to the unit. When it meets the requirements, it will close automatically. When the working liquid exceeds the upper limit of liquid level, the liquid discharge solenoid valve will open automatically to discharge the excess liquid. When it meets the requirements, the liquid discharge solenoid valve will close. Relevant signals can be connected to DCS according to the requirements of users.
(3) Mechanical automatic liquid level control: a mechanical high and low level controller is installed on the gas-water separator to control the liquid level through supplement or discharge.

3、 Technical parameters
Pumping rate: it depends on the supporting vacuum pump
Vacuum degree: it depends on the supporting vacuum pump

4、 Application field
It is especially suitable for pumping flammable, explosive and toxic gases, and is widely used in chemical industry.