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Centrifugal Pump

What is Centrifugal Pumps?

Different kinds of centrifugal compressor pumps are available in the pump market. And the centrifugal pump is used for moving fluid by means of the transfer of rotational energy from one or more driven rotors, called impellers. Once the fluid enters, it rapidly rotates the impeller along the pump's axis and is cast out by centrifugal force along its circumference through the impeller's vane tips. kenflo centrifugal pump

Centrifugal Water Pump Manufacturers - Kenflo

With the years of the hard-working of our R&D team, Kenflo continues to launch high-efficiency and energy-saving kenflo centrifugal pump to upgrade the existed products in the markets. Nowadays, Kenflo becomes one of the renowned centrifugal water pump manufacturers and centrifugal pump parts suppliers in China and also introduces new series of kenflo multistage pumpkenflo single stage pump, and kenflo end suction pump to the world.