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Centrifugal Pump

KCC Standardized Chemical Centrifugal Pump

Based on independent research and development, Kenflo has been winning the market by continuously launching products with advanced technology, high efficiency and energy saving and reliable operation. After years of effort, the centrifugal pumps have been upgraded, new series of end suction pump, inline pump and API pump have been developed,and widely applied in large petrochemical site and the energy conservation transformation projects.

Conforms to ISO 5199 and SH/T 3140 standards, with wider performance range, excellent performance and reliability. Bearing construction in accordance with API 610; shaft seal with cooling/heating chamber; high performance integral diaphragm spacer coupling.

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1、Kenflo In-Line Pump: Product introduction

KCC series standard chemical pump is a new generation of high-quality products developed by our company using CFD Technology (Computational Fluid Dynamics). Its superior underwater performance and excellent structural characteristics ensure the reliable and low-cost operation of the products.


2、 Kenflo In-Line Pump: Product features

1. The optimized design of impeller / pump casing, increased flow design and direct design of 500mm nominal impeller make the performance range of series pumps exceed ISO2858 standard, and have broader performance coverage and superior performance indicators than IH pump.
2. The shaft seal cooling / heating jacket that can be set on the pump cover can effectively improve the working conditions and service life of the mechanical seal, and reduce the impact of heat transfer on the service life of the bearing.
3. The bearing conforms to API610 bearing combination structure, and the bearing capacity exceeds that of IH pump.
4. It can provide options for single face, double face mechanical seal, cartridge mechanical seal and packing seal.
5. The packing gland with dovetail groove split structure not only ensures the reliability of combination and positioning, but also provides space for replacing seasoning.
6. The axial force is balanced by the combination of seal ring + balance hole and back-to-back angular contact ball bearing.
7. The flexible coupling with high-performance metal elastic elements - integral diaphragm with intermediate shaft diaphragm coupling is adopted, which has large bearing capacity and long service life, and is convenient for rotor assembly, disassembly and maintenance.
8. The size of conventional flange connection shall comply with Hg / t20592 and GB / t9113 PN1 6Mpa, special orders can be provided, in line with Hg / t20615 pN2 American standard flange of 0 MPa.
9. It can be interchanged with centrifugal pump conforming to GB / t5662 (ISO2858).
10. Viewed from the driving end, the pump rotates clockwise.


3、 Kenflo In-Line Pump: Technical parameters

Lift: 5-160m
Flow: 3-1500m³ / h
Pump diameter: suction diameter 40 ~ 300mm, discharge diameter 25 ~ 250mm
Speed: 1450r / min, 1480r / min and 2900r / min
Pressure bearing of pump body: 1.6Mpa (at 20 ℃)
Hydrostatic test pressure: 2.4Mpa


4、 Kenflo In-Line Pump: Model representation

Kcc200x150-315: KCC is the code of chemical pump series; 200 is the inlet diameter of the pump 200mm; 150 is the outlet diameter of the pump 150 mm; 315 is the nominal diameter of the impeller of the pump 315mm.

5、 Kenflo In-Line Pump: Application field

Depending on the temperature of acidic medium, aqueous solution, amine and corrosive medium used in the oil refining, chemical industry (KCC + 40 ℃), mainly suitable for the transportation of some industrial solvents, ammonia, ammonia and caustic materials (KCC + 40 ℃) Food and pharmaceutical industries.


6、Material of Main Parts for KCC Pump

Parts Material Code
Casing Stainless steel BS 3100 grade316 C16 Duplex stainless steel 1.4460k
Impeller Stainless steel BS 3100 grade316 C16 Duplex stainless steel 1.4460k
Shaft Stainless steel 1.4462 Stainless steel 1.4462
Seal Soft Packing
Mechanical Seal


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