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Centrifugal Pump

KPS Double Suction Split Casing Pumps

Based on independent research and development, Kenflo has been winning the market by continuously launching products with advanced technology, high efficiency and energy saving and reliable operation. After years of effort, the centrifugal pumps have been upgraded, new series of end suction pump, inline pump and API pump have been developed,and widely applied in large petrochemical site and the energy conservation transformation projects.

Built to ISO 9908 international standard, latest computer-aided design methods and CFD technology have ensured excellent hydraulic profile with high efficiency, quiet and smooth operation. Rugged casing, double-flow impeller with blades offset for low pulsation and nil axial thrust, replaceable wear rings, two-sided drive.

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1、 Product introduction
KPS single-stage double suction centrifugal pump is a new product of our company. It is a new generation of pump products developed by the advanced hydrodynamic calculation method CFD computer-aided design method. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low pulse, low noise, durability and convenient maintenance. It adopts the structural form of single-stage, double suction, volute horizontal split and support at both ends. The efficiency of KPS series pumps has reached the GB19762-2007 limited value of energy efficiency and energy saving evaluation value of clean water centrifugal pumps, obtained the certification of energy-saving products, has been listed in the list of government procurement of energy-saving products, passed the CE certification of the EU and obtained the pass to enter the EU market.

2、 Product features
1. The pump body adopts the form of high-efficiency volute;
2. The impeller is a two-way flow symmetrical structure with low pulse and optimized hydraulic performance;
3. Double shaft extension, both ends of the pump shaft can be driven, and which end of the drive end is located at the pump can be arbitrarily selected by the user according to the security position;
4. Sealing form: packing seal, single end mechanical seal and other sealing forms are available;
5. Balance test: G2 for impeller Level 5 balance test;
6. Coupling: diaphragm coupling with strong ability to compensate the misalignment of two axes, high traditional efficiency and obvious damping effect is adopted;
7. Bearing: imported heavy-duty bearing;
8. Materials: mainly HT250, HT250 + SEBF spraying, 1.4460k duplex stainless steel and other materials.

3、 Technical parameters
Lift: 6.25m-170m
Flow: 66m³/ h-25000m³/ h
Pump diameter: suction 150 ~ 1400mm, discharge 100 ~ 1200mm

4、 Model representation
For example, kps50-1000: KPS is the series code of the pump; 50 is the nominal lift of the pump, 50m; 1000 is the diameter of the pump discharge port 1000mm.

5、 Application field
KPS single-stage double suction connection bar is generally used to pump clean water or weak corrosive liquid without solid particles and short fibers. It can be used in the following fields: circulating water supply in engineering system, industrial water supply and drainage, urban water supply, cooling water circulation, central air conditioning water circulation, high-rise building water supply, building fire prevention, boiler water supply and water irrigation. It is especially suitable for water supply in water plants, paper mills, power plants, thermal power plants, steel mills, chemical plants and irrigation areas. SEBF material or 1.4460k duplex stainless steel is adopted, which can also be used to transport corrosive media such as seawater.