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Centrifugal Pump

FBJK-W Non negative pressure intelligent water supply system

Based on independent research and development, Kenflo has been winning the market by continuously launching products with advanced technology, high efficiency and energy saving and reliable operation. After years of effort, the centrifugal pumps have been upgraded, new series of end suction pump, inline pump and API pump have been developed,and widely applied in large petrochemical site and the energy conservation transformation projects.

1.Intelligent control technology with multiple protection function; clock control function and water supply mode in different periods; Unattended automatic control; Proportional pressure control function to automatically compensate the pressure loss of pipeline.
2.Remote monitoring and real-time data acquisition; Online monitoring (fault diagnosis and alarm); Remote control; Record tracking.
3.Industrial interconnection supports external communication; Cloud platform; Smart pump room; Mobile APP.
4.Customize the core application functions to meet different scenarios on demand; Friendly interface and rich configuration; Modular design.
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1、 Product introduction
Fbjk-w non negative pressure variable frequency speed regulation constant pressure water supply equipment is composed of water pump, current stabilizing compensator, vacuum suppressor, control cabinet, control instrument, pipeline, valve, etc. It is a water supply equipment which is directly connected to the municipal water supply network or pressure pipe network through the steady flow compensator to pressurize, effectively use the pressure of the original pipe network to achieve the purpose of energy saving, and does not produce negative pressure on the municipal water supply network or pressure pipe network, which can stabilize and regulate the flow.

2、 Product features
1. Sanitary and pollution-free: fully sealed operation, no direct contact with air, and the overflow parts of the equipment are made of food grade stainless steel.
2. Energy is not wasted: it is directly connected with the urban water supply pipe network in series and can make full use of the residual pressure of the pipe network.
3. Property management is convenient and simple: fully automatic control without manual intervention.
4. Go to the investment province first: there is no need to build a reservoir or water tank, use the residual pressure of the tap water pipe network, and there is no need to pressurize from zero.
5. Low operation cost: the type of booster pump is small, and the multi pump system is adopted. In the low peak period, the urban primary water supply pressure is directly used for water supply. The equipment does not need to start the pump or only start one pump to meet the water demand. Other pumps will be started in the peak period, reducing the operation cost.
6. Simple installation: the direct official website superimposed water supply equipment is a complete set of supply users. Only the inlet and outlet pipes need to be connected on site, with short construction period and simple installation.
7. Small floor area: there is no need to build a pool or water tank, which greatly saves the floor area.
8. The system operation is simple and convenient: the control system cabinet panel can be configured with man-machine management system (man-machine interface).
9. It has perfect protection functions: frequency converter protection: insufficient voltage, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, overheating protection and phase loss protection.
10. Won the hygiene license for drinking water hygiene and safety products in Guangdong Province.

3、 Technical parameters
Flow: 4-192m³ / h
Lift: 16 ~ 155m
Ambient temperature: - 10 ~ + 50 ℃
Relative humidity: 20 ~ 90%
Altitude: below 100m

4、 Model representation
For example, fbjk-w-4-28 - Ⅱ: fbjk is a series code of non negative pressure variable frequency speed regulation constant pressure water supply equipment; 4 is the nominal flow 4m³ / h; 28 refers to the lift of 28m; II refers to the number of pumps II or III.

5、 Application field
It is suitable for waterworks and booster pump stations, and the energy-saving effect is particularly obvious;
It is applicable to the production (domestic) water supply of large, medium and small industrial and mining enterprises;
It can be applied to the water supply system of hot water supply, heating, air conditioning and ventilation;
It can be used in agricultural drainage and irrigation, garden spraying, waterscape and music fountain system;
Applicable to various circulating water systems;
It is suitable for domestic water supply in residential areas, hotels, restaurants and other large public buildings;
It is applicable to constant pressure, cooling water supply and circulating water supply systems and other infusion systems in industrial and mining enterprises;
It can be used in sewage pumping station and sewage lifting system in sewage treatment; The transformation of the original pneumatic water supply equipment can make full use of the original pneumatic tank.