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Centrifugal Pump

KCP Single Stage Centrifugal Pump

Based on independent research and development, Kenflo has been winning the market by continuously launching products with advanced technology, high efficiency and energy saving and reliable operation. After years of effort, the centrifugal pumps have been upgraded, new series of end suction pump, inline pump and API pump have been developed,and widely applied in large petrochemical site and the energy conservation transformation projects.

Conforms to ISO 2858, ISO 9908 international standards. Novel design, robust, energy saving, low NPSH value, maintenance free during the bearing life. Obtain Energy Saving Product Certificate in China.

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1、 Product introduction of Centrifugal Vacuum Pump

KCP series centrifugal pump is a new generation of pump products with high efficiency and low maintenance rate developed and designed by our company with high and new technology. Its excellent hydraulic model and structure ensure that users can effectively reduce costs on various occasions and obtain the certificate of "China energy saving product certification".

2、 Product features of Centrifugal Vacuum Pump

1. Comply with ISO2858 and ISO9908 international standards and have interchangeability with other products that meet the requirements of this standard.
2. The pump body adopts high-efficiency volute form.
3. The rear open pump cover design allows the rotor to be taken out from the drive end without removing the pump body from the pipeline.
4. Single face machine seal, suitable for occasions where leakage is not allowed.
5. The reinforced pump shaft is designed, and the impeller and pump shaft are combined with conical surface, which improves the matching accuracy and bonding strength, which is conducive to effective locking and convenient maintenance during operation; The cantilever of the rotor is small, with good stiffness and small deflection.
6. Reliable bearing structure design, heavy load and large size bearing. The reliability of high-speed and heavy-duty operation is improved. Sealed grease free imported brand bearings are selected to meet the requirements of maintenance free and environmental protection within the service life of the bearings.
7. Impeller balance, impeller usually static balance can meet the use requirements; For the application occasions with strict vibration control requirements, action balance treatment shall be carried out.
8. The parts have a high degree of universality. The whole series only needs 4 kinds of suspension, 4 kinds of pump shafts and 10 kinds of pump covers, which effectively improves the interchangeability of parts.
9. The rotation direction of the pump, viewed from the driving end, is clockwise.
10. Advanced research and development means, using 3D CAD software for modeling design and CFD software for hydraulic model design and verification, so that the flow characteristics in the pump are in the best state and ensure that the pump has good suction performance and operation efficiency.
11. The wide performance coverage exceeds ISO2858. At the same speed, the flow is 1.6 times and the lift is 1.25 times and 1.8 times.

3、 Technical parameters of Centrifugal Vacuum Pump

Lift: 160m
Flow rate: 1500 m³ / h
Pressure bearing of shell: maximum 1.6Mpa (at 20 ℃)
Medium temperature: - 15 ℃ ~ + 104 ℃

4、 Model representation of Centrifugal Vacuum Pump

For example, kcp200x150-500: KCP is the series code of single-stage centrifugal pump; 200 refers to the diameter of suction inlet 200mm; 150 refers to the outlet diameter of 150mm; 500 is the nominal diameter of impeller 500mm.

5、 Application fields of Centrifugal Vacuum Pump:

KCP single-stage centrifugal pump is used to pump clean water or weakly corrosive liquid without solid particles and fibers (the overflow parts can be made of stainless steel). It is used for high-rise building water supply, building fire fighting, central air conditioning water circulation, etc. in the construction industry; Circulating water supply, cooling water circulation, boiler water supply, industrial water supply and drainage in industrial process system; Water supply, distribution and pressurization of water plants, artificial landscape water supply pressurization, plantation irrigation, etc. in the water supply system.


Why Choose Kenflo?

Found in 1954, Kenflo is a professional pump enterprise including R&D, production, and sale. With rich experience and matured and advanced technology, Kenflo is proud to represent world-class centrifugal vacuum pump suppliers for every type and class of centrifugal pump. Based on independent research and development, the centrifugal pump and compressor in Kenflo are high efficiency and energy saving, and easy to operate.