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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

2BW4 Liquid Ring Vacumm Pump Package-Condenser Exhauster Systems

Site of Geothermal Power Plant in South America 3 sets of CBF810 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump; Site of Propylene Oxide (PO) project in China; Site of Flare Gas Recovery system in China (Tandem vacuum package) .

This package is specially designed for the condenser exhauster system of the thermal power plant. Equipped with spraying device and anti-cavitation valve in compact structure,fully automatic control can be realized.

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1、 Product introduction
2bw4 series complete set of water ring vacuum pump is a liquid ring vacuum pump unit with energy saving and large air extraction in China.

2、 Product features
1. Equipped with heat exchanger to realize closed circulation of working fluid.
2. Anti cavitation valve is installed to avoid cavitation.
3. Equipped with differential pressure switch and pneumatic or electric butterfly valve to prevent gas backflow.
4. Equipped with pressure switch to automatically control the input or withdrawal of the unit.
5. Equipped with instrument and electric control box, it can realize automatic and manual operation. Terminals connected with DCS system shall be reserved.
6. The improved 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump is adopted, which has more stable performance and more reliable operation.
7. The whole process controlled integral casting impeller is adopted.
8. Equipped with a flat pump more suitable for the working conditions of the power station.
9. There are two options: stainless steel impeller liquid ring pump and common material + atmospheric ejector.
10. Kfl 2bw4 water ring vacuum pump unit has more perfect and reliable configuration.

3、 Technical parameters
Pumping rate: it depends on the supporting vacuum pump
Vacuum degree: it depends on the supporting vacuum pump

4、 Model representation
For example, 2bw4 353-0bl4: 2bw4 is the series code of the complete set of vacuum pump unit dedicated to vacuum pumping of condenser; 353-0 is the supporting vacuum pump, and the specification is the improved 2BE1 353-0; B refers to the material of the pump, which is ordinary material (the stainless steel time number of impeller or other flow passage parts is e); L refers to wearing the injector (without the injector, the time number is k); 4 is that the shaft seal mode of the pump is the water supply mode in the packing (the code of the water supply mode in the single end mechanical seal is 2).

5、 Application field
Kfl 2bw4 liquid ring vacuum pump unit can be applied to condenser vacuum pumping, flue gas desulfurization, fly ash transportation and water chamber vacuum pump in power industry.