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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

2BE1 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Site of Geothermal Power Plant in South America 3 sets of CBF810 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump; Site of Propylene Oxide (PO) project in China; Site of Flare Gas Recovery system in China (Tandem vacuum package) .

Suction pressure range:  33~1013mbar(A)
Capaciy range:  0.5~540 m³/min
Application:  suitable for relatively high vacuum condition.
Available materials for wetted end parts:  standard (carbon steel + cast iron), SS304, SS304L, SS316L, duplex stainless steel, titanium alloy, Hastelloy, etc.
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1、 Product introduction
2BE1 series products are single-stage single acting water ring vacuum pumps with wide suction range. Through secondary development, 2BE1 series has developed from 12 specifications in the initial stage to 22 specifications now, with more complete varieties and specifications.

2、 Product features
1. Single stage, single action, axial intake and exhaust, simple structure and convenient maintenance;
2. The exhaust port equipped with flexible valve plate can automatically adjust the exhaust angle to make the pump operate efficiently under different suction conditions;
3. Equipped with automatic drain valve to control the starting liquid level of the pump to avoid overload starting;
4. The end face of the impeller adopts grading design, which reduces the sensitivity of the pump to dust in the medium and water scaling. The structure of the impeller ring is improved and the structure of the impeller is improved. The extracted gas is allowed to contain non granular dust;
5. The packing gland is a half structure, which can be removed as a whole, making it more convenient to replace seasoning;
6. By adjusting the assembly angle of the seal body, the function of internal circulation or external supply of cooling water of the seal can be realized to meet the needs of different shaft seals. By connecting the leakage hole of the stuffing box, the dripping coolant can be led to the designated place, which meets the requirements of environmental protection. Small size pump has two shaft seal types: packing and mechanical seal;
7. Impeller diameter greater than Φ For rotor of 200 specification, the shaft seal position is equipped with sheath shaft;
8. The axial and radial loads of the pump are respectively borne by two groups of bearings. The bearing structure is improved to ensure the long-term continuous and reliable operation of the pump;
9. When equipped with a heat exchanger, the working fluid can be recycled and the loss of water can be reduced. Through the self-priming capacity of the vacuum pump, the cooled working fluid is sucked into the pump without additional pressurization device;
10. 2BE1 101 ~ 253 water ring vacuum pump, the pump body and side cover are connected by pull rod. 2BE1 303 ~ 705 water ring vacuum pump, the pump body and side cover are connected by flange, which ensures the overall rigidity and anti vibration ability of large-scale water ring vacuum pump. When the maintenance space is small, horizontal assembly and disassembly can be adopted;
11. Ordinary materials are adopted, which can meet the general use requirements;
12. When the overflow parts are made of stainless steel of different grades, they can meet different anti-corrosion requirements;
13. When the overflow parts are sprayed with special materials, the anti-corrosion cost of large-scale water ring vacuum pump can be reduced. Its smooth surface can also effectively reduce the precipitation of ash like substances and slow down the scaling process;
14. When the inner cavity of the pump body is lined with vulcanized rubber, the anti-corrosion ability of the pump body can be improved;
15. 2BE1 * * *-0, wide suction range, when the pump is low, the suction pressure can reach 33mbar (ABS), with the upper stage ejector, the suction pressure can be lower than 33mbar (ABS);
16. 2BE1 * * * - 1, the low suction pressure can reach 140mbar (ABS), and the recommended high-efficiency suction range is 160 ~ 1013mbar (ABS);
17. When the anti cavitation device is installed on the water ring vacuum pump, the operation of the pump under high vacuum can be effectively improved.

3、 Technical parameters
Pumping rate: 2.7-440m³/ min
Suction vacuum: 2BE1 * * * - 0 (33-1013hpa), 2BE1 * * * - 1 (160 ~ 1013hpa)
Discharge pressure: 1013hpa

4: Model representation
For example, 2BE1 40 5-1bg3-0y420:

5、 Application field
2BE1 water ring vacuum pump is widely used in condenser vacuum and negative pressure ash removal in power industry; Vacuum distillation, vacuum crystallization and water deoxidation in oil production in petrochemical industry; Various vacuum devices in pharmaceutical industry; High altitude simulation in aeronautical research; Vacuum water diversion in suction and drainage engineering; Vacuum system in paper industry and various vacuum obtaining processes; Vacuum formation of plastics and rubber; Vacuum flotation and filtration in coal and mining, and gas emission from coal seams; Vacuum system of tobacco industry; Pressure swing adsorption device, food packaging or vacuum drying, etc.

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