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Affectionate Mid Autumn Festival, caring for employees


The autumn wind is cool and the osmanthus fragrance is fragrant. It also meets the annual Mid Autumn Festival and national day.

In order to let employees have a happy and auspicious holiday, on September 16, the company's labor union distributed rice, oil and other holiday benefits to all employees and sent cordial greetings and good wishes to everyone.

On the same day, the staff of the company's labor union came to the lobby early and put the rice and oil distributed neatly. The working groups of each branch came to collect them one after another, some on board, some on shoulder and some in hand. The scene was full of laughter and joy.

During the Spring Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals, the company gives warm and affordable welfare products and full blessings to employees, which reflects the company's people-oriented corporate culture and makes employees fully feel the company's love.