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Caring for employees - the company carries out physical examination activities in 2021


On October 13, 2029, the company organized the annual physical examination of employees, and organized the physical escort activities for employees.

In order to do a good job in the physical examination, the work safety office of the company made careful preparations in the early stage, strengthened the coordination and communication with Guangdong workers' hospital, inspected the physical examination site and physical examination equipment, reasonably arranged the physical examination batch, explained in detail the matters needing attention in the physical examination, listened to the opinions of the majority of employees, optimized the physical examination items on the basis of the previous physical examination, and added some items, Projects that are more targeted and practical and more in line with the needs of employees are selected, mainly including digital DR chest positive examination, color Doppler ultrasound (liver, gallbladder, spleen and double kidney), ultrasonic bone mineral density detection, ECG, liver function, kidney function, blood lipid, serum lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), urine test, blood pressure and so on.

The company insists on organizing employees to have physical examination, so that each employee can accurately and timely grasp their physical condition, and effectively carry out prevention or reexamination and diagnosis. Through physical examination, employees' awareness of disease prevention and health care has been further enhanced and their health has been paid attention to. The company cares about employees with practical actions, fully embodies the management concept of "people-oriented", makes employees feel the warmth of KENFLO family, and further improves the centripetal force, cohesion and sense of belonging of employees.