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Challenge yourself, melt the team, gather strength and create brilliance


In order to make new employees deeply understand the corporate culture, enhance the cohesion and cooperation awareness of new employees and facilitate the development of work in various posts, the company organized new employees in recent two years to carry out a passionate, happy and interesting outdoor expansion activity in Nanhai Wetland Park from September 24 to 25. A total of 16 people participated in the event.
At the beginning of the activity, under the organization and leadership of the coach, all the staff started the "ice breaking operation". Everyone forms a circle and quickly enlivens the atmosphere through interesting self introduction games. Then, all the staff quickly formed a team and completed the design of the team name, slogan, flag and formation in an orderly manner in just ten minutes, finally showing the team style of the powerful "pep" team and "Lide magic" team.
In the course of the activity, everyone threw themselves into it. Every time we fail, we don't give up. Through trying and making progress again and again, we can approach the goal, finally achieve the goal, and even surpass the goal. In this process, we slowly run in, help each other and never give up, showing the energetic, enterprising, United and cooperative spirit of the new batch of employees of Kenflo.
Through this expansion activity, we also deeply felt the power of unity and cooperation and team cohesion, understood the importance of effective communication, understood the value of courage to undertake, and gained the experience of responsibility. I believe that in the future, we will also apply the truth learned in the expansion activities to our work and work together to create new brilliance for Kenflo!