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KENFLO 2BE1 series products have passed the explosion-proof certification of EU products


Recently, according to the requirements of entering the EU market, 2BE1 series products have successfully passed the EU product explosion-proof certification and obtained ATEX certification by benchmarking the EU directive 2014 / 34 / EU.

Kenflo 2BE1 series liquid ring vacuum pump

ATEX certification means that the EU requires a series of tests on Electrical and non electrical equipment used in explosive environment in accordance with relevant EU standards. For products that pass the test, a regular hexagonal ATEX mark can be printed on the product, indicating that the product meets the requirements of ATEX directive.

All products put on the EU market and put into use for potentially explosive environments must comply with the ATEX manufacturer's directives (excluding products other than those specified in the directives).

2BE1 series products have obtained ATEX certification, which means that 2BE1 series liquid ring vacuum pump products have obtained a pass for use in potentially explosive environments within the EU.