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KENFLO new generation of two-stage condenser vacuum unit is appreciated by users


Recently, the installation of a new generation of Kenflo two-stage condenser vacuum unit - 2bw4 3032 power station unit was completed. The vibration and noise performance of the unit under high vacuum are tested in detail.

After testing, the user greatly appreciated the comprehensive indicators of the unit, thus successfully completing the factory acceptance, which will be applied to the user's energy-saving transformation project.

The unit is equipped with cbe2 series two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump newly developed by Kenflo, which adopts a brand-new hydraulic model. In the range of absolute pressure ≤ 100mbar, the air extraction performance is excellent and particularly stable. On the premise of supporting the same motor, when working at 50mbar absolute pressure, the air extraction capacity is increased by 60 ~ 80%.

Due to the flat plate two-stage structure, the anti cavitation ability and performance of cbe2 series vacuum pump under cavitation condition are obviously better than ordinary single-stage liquid ring pump. It is especially suitable for applications with high vacuum requirements such as thermal power plant, chemical industry and pharmacy.

The unit is a new generation vacuum unit developed on the basis of Kenflo's previous liquid ring pump. The successful research and development of the unit is another technological innovation of Kenflo in liquid ring pump, which has focused on the pump industry for more than 60 years, and perfectly interprets Kenflo's enterprise spirit of "focus, pragmatism, inclusiveness and innovation" and the enterprise culture of "eternal flow and forge ahead".