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KENFLO won the "invisible champion" enterprise in Foshan manufacturing industry


Invisible champion enterprises, first proposed by German management scientist Herman Simon, refer to small and medium-sized enterprises that are not well known to the public, but occupy a leading position in a segment industry or market, have core competitiveness and clear strategy, and their products and services are difficult to be surpassed and imitated.

In order to accelerate the transformation from a large manufacturing city to a strong manufacturing city, give better play to the main role of enterprises, and accurately identify and empower these "invisible champion" enterprises, under the specific guidance of Foshan Bureau of industry and information technology and Foshan Bureau of market supervision, Foshan Federation of industry and Commerce and Foshan General Chamber of Commerce carried out the identification of "invisible champion" enterprises in Foshan manufacturing industry in 2020.

According to the five dimensional evaluation model of "market position - industrial focus - comprehensive ability - Corporate Governance - development potential", more than 100 indicators are applied to comprehensively evaluate the enterprise. Finally, the expert group confirmed 147 "invisible champion" enterprises in Foshan manufacturing industry in 2020, including KENFLO pump industry.

After years of development, especially after the transformation of the enterprise, KENFLO has paid close attention to innovation and deeply cultivated the subdivided fields. KENFLO has core competitiveness in liquid ring pumps, compressors, high-efficiency and energy-saving centrifugal pumps and other products. KENFLO occupies a leading position in the world and leads the development of the industry.