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Li Jun, head of Sanshui District, and his party came to KENFLO for investigation


On June 21, Li Jun, deputy secretary of Sanshui District Party committee and head of Sanshui District, accompanied by he Haihong, Secretary of Baini town Party committee and others, visited Kenfu for investigation. The company's main leaders Chen Di, Chen zhouguo, Chen Qiutian and Li Yuming accompanied the reception.

Chen Di, chairman and general manager of the company, introduced the development history, main products and current operation of kfl to Li Jun and his party.

Governor Li Jun expressed his high appreciation for the long development history of KENFLO and its focus on manufacturing industry for decades and its healthy development. In particular, he fully affirmed the rapid development of KENFLO after its relocation to Sanshui District and its contribution to the economic development of Sanshui District, and encouraged KENFLO to continue its efforts, seize the opportunity to become bigger and stronger and make greater contributions to the development of Sanshui District.