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Centrifugal Pump

KMP Monoblock Pump

Based on independent research and development, Kenflo has been winning the market by continuously launching products with advanced technology, high efficiency and energy saving and reliable operation. After years of effort, the centrifugal pumps have been upgraded, new series of end suction pump, inline pump and API pump have been developed,and widely applied in large petrochemical site and the energy conservation transformation projects.

Back-pull-out monoblock pump made in accordance with ISO2858 and ISO9908 standards. Compact design, high reliability, energy saving and low NPSH. Suitable for use in air-conditioning, fire-fighting, water supply and treatment, irrigation and other general industrial applications.

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1、 Product introduction
KMP series centrifugal pump is a new generation of pump products with high efficiency and low maintenance rate developed and designed by Kenflo
(Foshan water pump factory) using high and new technology. Its excellent hydraulic model and structural characteristics ensure that users can effectively reduce the operation cost of the pump in various applications.

2、 Product features
1. The size of the pump body shall comply with the international standard of iso02858 (GB / t5662), and the technical conditions shall comply with iso9908 (GB / t5657)
2. With other products meeting the requirements of international standards, it has the same performance and interchangeability of pump shell connection, shorter axial size and less floor area.
3. Structural design for improving quality: the pump body adopts the form of high-efficiency volute.
4. Single end mechanical seal, suitable for occasions where leakage is not allowed.
5. The pump and the motor are directly connected through the direct connection frame, and the structure is simple and compact.
6. Impeller balance, G6 Level 3 balance accuracy level.
7. KMP direct coupled centrifugal pump has a total of 22 specifications of products, which can provide hundreds of performance options with different impeller diameters and different speeds.

3、 Technical parameters
Suction diameter: 50 ~ 150mm;
Discharge diameter: 32 ~ 125mm;
Flow: 400 m³ / h;
Lift: 160m;
Pressure bearing of pump casing: 1.6Mpa;
Medium temperature: - 15 ℃ ~ + 104 ℃

4、 Model representation
For example, KMP 150x100-250: KMP is the series code of direct coupled centrifugal pump; 125 refers to the diameter of suction inlet 125mm; 100 refers to the diameter of the outlet 100mm; 250 is the nominal diameter of impeller 250mm.

5、 Application field
KMP series direct connected centrifugal pump is mainly used to pump clean water or weak corrosive liquid without solid particles and fibers. It can be widely used in the following fields: high-rise water supply, building fire protection, central air conditioning water circulation, circulating water supply in process system, cooling water circulation, boiler water supply, industrial water supply and drainage, water supply in water plant, water irrigation, etc.


6、Material of Main Parts for KMP Pump

Parts Material Code
Casing Cast iron EN-GJL-250 Cast iron EN-GJL-250
Pump Cover Cast iron EN-GJL-250 Cast iron EN-GJL-250
Impeller Cast iron EN-GJL-200 Bronze CuSn5Zn5Pb5
Shaft Stainless steel BS EN 10088-3-1.4021 Stainless steel BS EN 10088-3-1.4021
Seal Mechanical Seal