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Liquid Ring Compressor

CBK Liquid Ring Vacuum Compressor

CBK liquid ring vacuum compressor is the latest energy-saving vacuum compressor product developed by KENFLO, safe, reliable, and easy to maintain.

Discharge pressure range:


Capacity range:



suitable for high discharge pressure, medium and low capacity condition.

Available material for wetted end parts:

SS304, SS304L, SS316L, duplex stainless steel.

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Strong and relaible structure

  • Rigid Casing design, strong and beautiful appearance.
  • Symmetrical impeller. Double suction and double discharge. Theoretical axial force is zero.
  • Supported at both ends of the shaft. Radial load is balanced by two cylindrical roller bearings mounted symmetrically at both ends of the shaft. Axial location is through coupled angular contact ball bearings. Rigid structure and stable performance. All bearings are SKF brand.
  • The impellers are dynamically balanced. Shaft is made by duplex stainless steel 1.4462, of high strenth.
  • Rubber O ring is applied for casing sealing, capable of withstanding high pressure.
  • Adaptable to single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal and dry gas seal.
  • Simple structure, convenient to assemble or disassemble, open type end shields and impeller, easy to maintain.


Suitable for different industries:

  • Recovery of atmospheric tower gas and primary tower gas during oil refinery based on atmospheric and vacuum distillation
  • Compression of nitrous acid gas in hexanedioic acid industry
  • Compression of dry chlorine gas and dry hydrogen gas in chloralkali industry
  • Recovery of exhaust gas of flare apparatus in chemical industry
  • Recovery of flue exhaust gas of salt mine
  • Compression of oil gas on offshore oil platform
  • Others