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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

SK(2YK) Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Site of Geothermal Power Plant in South America 3 sets of CBF810 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump; Site of Propylene Oxide (PO) project in China; Site of Flare Gas Recovery system in China (Tandem vacuum package) .

Suction pressure range: 


Capacity range: 



suitable for dusty or wearproof conditions.

Available material for wetted end parts: 

cast iron

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1、 Product introduction
Sk water ring vacuum pump is a single-stage, double acting, radial inlet and exhaust water ring vacuum pump; It is listed as energy-saving electromechanical products by the state. Sk type water ring vacuum pump is usually used to pump gases that do not contain solid particles, are insoluble or slightly soluble in water. Because the gas is nearly isothermal compressed during the working process of the water ring pump, it is also particularly suitable for the suction and pressure delivery of flammable and explosive gases. Pumps generally use water as working fluid.

2、 Product features
1. Single stage double action, radial inlet and exhaust, high efficiency and energy saving;
2. The structure is firm, durable, long service life, and can operate continuously for a long time;
3. No direct mechanical friction, no contact between impeller and pump body and no wear;
4. There is a proper gap between the impeller and the distributor, which is not sensitive to dust and particles;
5. It is convenient to disassemble and install the pump body and support feet horizontally;
6. Various specifications are equipped with corresponding atmospheric ejector to improve the suction vacuum.

3、 Technical parameters
Pumping rate: 9-146m³/ min
Suction vacuum: 80-1013hpa
Discharge pressure: 1013hpa

4、 Model representation
For example, SK-42-1bd3-0y490: SK is the serial code of water ring vacuum pump; 42 is the specification code of vacuum pump; 1 is the code of suction range of vacuum pump; B is the code of structural material, B is the main flow passage component, and it is made of ordinary material; D is the transmission mode code, D is the coupling direct transmission, V is the belt transmission, G is the reducer transmission; 3 is the code of shaft seal form; 0 is the supplementary code of transmission mode; Y is the code of supporting motor; 490 is the pump speed.

5、 Application field
Sk water ring vacuum pump is widely used in:
1. Condenser vacuum and negative pressure ash removal in power industry.
2. Vacuum distillation, vacuum crystallization and water deoxidation in oil production in petrochemical industry.
3. Various vacuum devices in pharmaceutical industry.
4. High altitude simulation in aeronautical research.
5. Vacuum water diversion in suction and drainage engineering.
6. Vacuum system and various vacuum obtaining processes in paper industry.
7. Vacuum forming of plastics and rubber.
8. Vacuum flotation and filtration in coal and mining industry, and gas emission from coal seams.
9. Vacuum system of tobacco industry.
10. Various pressure swing adsorption devices.
11. Food packaging or vacuum drying, etc.