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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

YS Vacuum Priming Device

Site of Geothermal Power Plant in South America 3 sets of CBF810 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump; Site of Propylene Oxide (PO) project in China; Site of Flare Gas Recovery system in China (Tandem vacuum package) .

Specially designed for medium and large sized pumps to start with priming. There are three different configurations,which can achieve semi-automatic or fully automatic control to meet the actual needs.

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1、 Product introduction
YS vacuum water diversion device is a finalized vacuum water diversion product developed on the basis of summarizing the production experience of our company for many years.

2、 Product features
1. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, mature application and reasonable configuration.
2. According to different user needs, it can be divided into three different structural configurations: simple type, standard type and enhanced type.
3. This series of vacuum water diversion device has 12 specifications, and products with appropriate performance can be selected according to the use needs.
4. If the volume of water diversion is required to be larger or the gas volume is required to be larger, please contact the Technology Department of the company for relevant options or carry out the supporting design of relevant units.

3、 Technical parameters
Pumping rate: 0.45-10m³/ min
Caliber: 25-100mm
Diversion volume: 30 m³
Diversion time: 5-10min is recommended

4、 Model representation
For example, YS120-25-2-b: YS is the series code of vacuum water diversion device; 120 refers to the specification of vacuum water diversion device, and the specification number of vacuum pump is borrowed for 12 specifications; 25 refers to the suction inlet diameter of vacuum water diversion device 25mm; 2 represents the number of vacuum pumps configured for the vacuum water diversion device, 2; B is the configuration code of vacuum water diversion device (J is simple type, B is standard type and Z is enhanced type).

5、 Application field
YS vacuum water diversion device is widely used in the vacuum water diversion before the start-up of large water pumps in water plants, power plants, papermaking, petrochemical and other industries. It can replace the traditional structural type of installing bottom valve at the inlet of suction pipeline when large water pump tank water, so as to reduce the loss of suction pipeline and improve the suction performance of water pump. It can also be used in other occasions where the liquid level needs to be raised.