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2017 Annual domestic sales meeting and business training


The chicken is more than a few years old, and the dog is more up in the year. At the beginning of the Spring Festival, Kenflo came to the pump company to hold the 2017 annual domestic sales summation commendation meeting and business leader training seminar. The meeting arranged rich content: Chen Di deputy general manager announced the company's 2017 year operation and the 2018 company's key management plan, and put forward specific requirements for the 2018 domestic sales work; Yu Xin issued the Sales Department of the Ministry of Commerce as the Sales Department of the sales department for the year 2017 and the 2018 work plan; industrial pump public. Si Wuyu deputy general manager announced the sales situation and 2018 work plan of industrial pump company in 2017, and commended the advanced business group of domestic sales in 2017, in which the Dalian group won the 2017 year order Champion Award, the Shanghai group won the good team award in 2017, and the Ningbo group was awarded the 2017 year good progress award. In conjunction with the 2018 work plan of the company and the sales department, the business group was discussed how to implement the requirements in the actual work; the leaders reported to the main top leaders of the company for the gains and losses in the year of 2017 and the work plan in 2018; the technical training was carried out in the general company and the industrial pump company; and the conference was also organized after the meeting. We visited the new headquarters base construction site in Leping and the industrial pump company in Sanshui.

  After this training, all the business leaders have a clearer idea of the 2018 sales work, and have more expectations and expectations for the good future of the company. I believe that in 2018, Kenflo will have another year of harvest with the joint efforts of all the business personnel and the active cooperation of the staff of the various departments of the company.

Chen Di, deputy general manager, informed the company's business in 2017 and the requirements for 2018.

Yu Xinfa, Minister of sales, summed up the work of the sales department in 2017 and the work plan for 2018.

Wu Yu, deputy general manager of industrial pump company, notified the operation situation of industrial pump company in 2017 and the work plan for 2018.

The Dalian group won the 2017 year order champion

Shanghai group won the best team award for 2017

Ningbo group won the 2017 best progress award

Report on the 2017 year of the business leader

Visit the new plant area in the construction

Technical exchange training in industrial pump company